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Team token miner, booster NFTs and web3 no code hub

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Token Miner

Mine / earn our PyBot.Tech token with our team miner application.

Referral Team Mining

Our miner is by invite only. Join with a referral code and begin your own mining team to earn our PYBot.Tech token.

  • Each miner gets a base rate of 2 tokens per session.
  • Invite your friends with your referral code to increase your mining rate.
  • Mint Booster NFTs to increase your mining rate even more.

Once you have joined our miner application your username becomes your referral code. Share your referral code to invite new miners to your team. The more active miners you have on your team the more tokens you will earn. Various Miner Booster NFTs are also available to help you boost your mining rates.

Booster NFTs

Miner Booster NFTs are available now on OttoChain test-net

Miner Boosters

Increase your mining rate by 10 tokens per session by holding Miner Booster NFTs

Limited Supply

There will only be 10 000 Miner Booster NFTs per chain.

On OttoChain

Miner Booster NFts are presently available on OttoChain Testnet

Mint Now

Simply visit our mint website to mint your Miner Booster NFt now (links below)

Mint NFTs

Miner Boosters on OttoChain testnet now.